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My Story

As an AKC and ACA professionally credentialed breeder, I have more than 30 years of experience and have bred more than 1,000 puppies. Now I help a team of breeders who have a passion for entrepreneurship and puppies build their own businesses. - Ekiria Collins, PhD, MPH, LSSGB

Meet Pet Preneur®, Heaven! 

Heaven's Yorkie weighed only 1lb at 12 weeks. After studying our care guide & asking questions, she successfully raised her puppy & decided to breed her. Heaven now has 3 Yorkies & has had 3 successful litters. "I've made about $11,000 from my first 2 litters. I love taking care of puppies & the flexibility it allows."


Heaven's Story

"The owner of AMAZING PAWS has been an amazing teacher and has been with us every step of the way. So far I have made about $50,000 from breeding. I love taking care of puppies and love the flexibility it allows. I recommend becoming a Pet Preneur® to anyone who is willing to put in the work." - Heaven 

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What is a Pet Preneur®?

  • A Pet Preneur® is an entrepreneur with a passion for both pets and business. 
  • A Pet Preneur® is dedicated to safely and ethically breeding quality puppies with experienced breeders. 
  • A Pet Preneur® is more than a pet breeder. A Pet Preneur® is part of a network of breeders who work together to provide a high quality experience for all animals and the future adoptive families. Breeders are becoming obsolete. Pet Preneurs® are the future of dog breeding, and they ensure that every animal gets the individualized care and nurture that they need.

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Our Pet Preneur® Program

Our partnership program is a unique blend of mentorship, training, community and opportunity from the #1 Yorkie Breeder in Texas. As a professional credentialed breeder with the American Kennel Club and American Canine Association, we train Yorkie owners in best practices of breeding and business through courses, coaching, and partnership. 


Credentialed Business

Learn from a professional credentialed breeder with the American Kennel Club and American Canine Association. We are also an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau. 

In-depth Experience

Tap into insights from 30+ years of business, learn trade secrets from the breeding industry, avoid common mistakes and get individualized coaching.

Paid Partnership

Get connected to vetted customers without having to advertise. Our systems generate lists of people who are waiting for puppies. Learn protocols that weed out scammers and people who are not ready for pet ownership.  

Get Hands-On Support

Don't do business on your own. Our program is a community of owners that are growing together with coaching, training, and feedback.

Business Growth Training

Get equipped and certified with trainings in business, promotion, health & nutrition, training, photography & customer service.


Raise healthy puppies in individual homes with quality care focused on each individual dog and worked around your individual schedule. 

Pet Preneur Trainings®


Dog Health & Nutrition

Breeder Preparation

Choosing a Stud


Puppy Nursing




Puppy Grooming

Pet Business 101 - Customer Service

Pet Business 102 - Advertising

Pet Business 103 - Systems & Scaling

Best Pet Business Training Amazing Paws University

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Pet Preneur Requirements®

Own a Yorkie

Raise a Yorkies of Houston Yorkie or own a Purebred DNA & Health Tested Yorkie that is 5 years old or younger. 

Have a Passion for Business

Have a willingness to learn about entrepreneurship. 

Be Committed & Coachable

Have the time and dedication to learn through our trainings and follow the instructions & protocols outlined. All of our standards are dedicated to helping each animal enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Registration, vet visits, and vaccinations are required for each puppy.

2 Year Agreement

Commit to a 2 litter agreement & agree to uphold quality standards in breeding.

Pet Preneur Levels®


Bronze Preneurs raise Yorkies of Houston breeding Yorkies in guardian homes. They care for them with ethical training in their home under Yorkies of Houston supervision. 


Silver Preneurs own Yorkies from other breeders that have been DNA & Health tested using an Embark Health & DNA test. They care for them with ethical training in their home under Yorkies of Houston supervision. 


Gold Preneurs own Yorkies of Houston Yorkies. They care for them with ethical training in their home under Yorkies of Houston supervision. An Embark DNA & Health Test is required.  


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DISCLAIMER: The sales figure stated above are our team's personal sales figures. Results may not be typical and references to sales numbers are for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including your work ethic. All business entails risk, action and effort. If you are not willing to put in the work and are not passionate about upholding quality standards with breeding animals, please do not apply.