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Get 1:1 Customized 30 minute Amazing Paws consultation with Dr. Ekiria Collins (a $1,000 value). Ask any question about breeding, pre-natal care, postnatal care, veterinary care, marketing your pet business, breeding or raising healthy dogs. Additional Cost: $300

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Amazing Paws University 101

Get the support, find the products, and learn the best practices to give your pet the happy, healthy life they deserve. 

Learn from a credentialed breeder with more than 30 years of experience all about: 

  • Dog health & nutrition 
  • Grooming
  • What to know before you breed 
  • Choosing a mate 
  • Pregnancy


Here's what you'll receive:

  • COMING SOON: Amazing Paws new pet care guide e-book with insider details on raising pets & starting a pet business as soon as it publishes (a $59 value) 

  • All Amazing Paws University 101 Course Videos, including:

  • Dog Food & Nutrition

  • Food Quantity

  • 7 Benefits of Feeding Organic

  • Leftovers, Recommended Foods & Foods to Avoid

  • Toxic Foods & Feeding Habits

  • How to Use Treats

  • Enzymes

  • What To Know Before You Breed

  • Preparing For Your Dog's Pregnancy Experience

  • Choosing a Stud / Mate

  • Amazing Paws Guide: Top List of Recommended Products (valued at $59)

  • BONUS: Facebook Group To Interact With Other Students + 2 Live Streams in Coming Months ($200 value)

  • 12 units valued at $29 each PLUS a AMAZING PAWS ebook, Facebook group, Amazing Paws Product List = A $707 Value


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DISCLAIMER: This course is produced by a certified professional breeder with more than 30 years of experience. This course recommends certain products and processes, but does not receive affiliate rewards or royalties for these recommendations. Always read product ingredients & consult your licensed veterinarian before use of recommended products. Pregnancy and delivery can pose a risk to your pet. Some breeds require VERY specific practices and supervision. Always consult your licensed veterinarian & reproduction veterinarian prior to and during breeding.  Ultimately, you are always responsible for your own decisions regarding your pet's care and welfare.  

What People Are Saying:

"The Owner of Amazing Paws has been an amazing teacher and has been with us every step of the way."

Heaven, Amazing Paws Pet Preneur®

Top shelf breeder. The knowledge and thoroughness and constant reassuring that I needed as a new customer was over the top in terms of my experience. My puppy is healthy 8 months later and happy.

Lyndritka, AMAZING PAWS Customer

I have purchased three dogs [from AMAZING PAWS] over the past 10 years. All of my puppies are healthy and beautiful!

Latasha, AMAZING PAWS Customer